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Dungeon Tycoon


Developer: Lunheim Studios  (Based in Germany)

Publisher: Goblinz Publishing
Release Date: Coming Soon


Platforms: Steam

Price: TBA


Dungeon Tycoon is a strategy/management game about building and managing your own evil dungeon. Build clever layouts, summon unique monsters, and lure clueless heroes into your evil den. Grow your business by exploiting every facet of your visitors' dungeon exploration experience.


In "Dungeon Tycoon," you become the mastermind of a wicked dungeon, where your imagination knows no bounds. Design, build, and manage your sinister lair, creating intricate layouts, setting deadly traps, summoning fearsome monsters, and concealing alluring treasures. Your mission is to lure heroes into your dark domain, watching them navigate their perils and temptations while maximizing your diabolical returns. Can you keep the heroes coming back for more in your devious dungeon?

Key Features:

  • Design the Ultimate Dungeon: You have the power to create a dungeon like no other. Craft intricate layouts, strategically place deadly traps, choose from a variety of monsters to hire, and hide tempting treasures throughout. It's all about making the heroes' journey as challenging as it is rewarding.

  • Attract Adventurers: Bring heroes into your nefarious lair by summoning fearsome foes, constructing captivating chambers, and weaving a maze of deceptive possibilities. Observe their progress and fine-tune every inch of your devious design to keep them coming back for more.

  • Summon Monstrous Minions: Think of your monsters as the employees of your evil dungeon enterprise. Summon a diverse array of formidable creatures to test the mettle of heroes who dare to trespass.

  • Earn and Expand: Master the art of layout design, sell precious items to heroes, and strike the perfect balance between efficiency and quality. There are countless ways to amass wealth in Dungeon Tycoon, but can you keep your malevolent business thriving?

  • Unlock the Mysteries: Delve into research to uncover new possibilities for enhancing your dungeon. Add aesthetic flair to your lair with various decorative items. Monitor your guests closely to uncover opportunities for improvement, and offer potions and aids for sale.

  • Complete Quests: Embark on quests to unlock an array of vanity items, proudly displaying your progress and achievements. Stay tuned for even more exciting features to be announced.

Game Overview:

"Dungeon Tycoon" grants you the power to assume the role of an ingenious dungeon master. This is your realm, your rules, and your opportunity to craft the most sinister dungeon in existence. Heroes will flock to your door, and it's your job to beckon them in, pit them against your formidable monsters, and tempt them with glittering treasures. Every second of their adventure is a chance for you to seize. Will you keep them returning for further torment in your malevolent masterpiece?


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